Dash Berlin: Better Half Of Me Lyrics

Broken Promises That Are Like Road Kill
They’re On The Side Of The Street
Concrete Casualties Of Love
Chewed Up And Spit Out
Raise High Then Drop Down And Now
I Don’t Know What’s Left Of Me
And I Collect Myself
And Crawl Through The Shadows
Reach Out My Hand To The Sky And Shout Out
I’ll Never Make These Same Mistakes Again
Cause Someone Out There Holds The Key To My Heart
And Do Everything To Tear It Apart
By Never Allowing Myself To Let You In
When All I Want Is For You To See
The Side That I Don’t Show To Anyone
In Fear That They May Turn And Run
Alone And Incomplete
No More Tears To Cry
No More Blood To Bleed
I’ll Fall Forever Endlessly
When You Should Be The Ground Beneath My Feet
The Better Half Of Me

Song lyrics for Better Half Of Me by Dash Berlin. You can sing while listening to the song Better Half Of Me performed by Dash Berlin.