Kendrick Lamar: Dna Lyrics

I Have, I Have, I Have, I Have
Loyalty, I Have Copyrights In My Dna
Cocaine Quarter Quarter, I Have War And Peace In Mi Dna
I Have Power, Poison, Pain And Joy Within My Dna
I’m Hurry However, Ambition, Flow, Inside My Dna
I Was Born That Way, Since One Like This
Immaculate Conception
Transform Like This, Act Like That. Is
It Is Yeshua’s New Weapon
I Do Not Contemplate, Medito, Then I Turn Off. Go To
This. Children-to-bed
What I Have, I Have, I Have, I Have
Actually, I Only Kill Shit Because It’s In My Dna
I Have Millions, I Have Riches Building In My Dna
I Have Darkness, I Have Evil, That Rot Inside My Dna
I Went Down, I Have Problems, Heart Inside My Dna
, I Just Won Again, Then I Won Again As Wimbledon, I Serve
Yes, That’s Him Again, The Sound Of That Engine Is Like A Bird
You See Fireworks And Corvette Skrrt Tire The Boulevard
I Know How You Work, I Know What You Are
See, You From A, From A, From A-
Bitch, Your Hormones Prolly Switch Inside Your Dna
Problem Is, All That Sucker Shit Inside Your Dna
Prolly Snitched Dad, Heritage Within His Dna
Backbone Does Not Exist, I Was Born Outside A Jellyfish, I Calibrate
, My Pedigree I Definitely Do Not Tolerate
Shit From The Front I’ve Been Through Prolly Offend
This Is Paula’s Eldest Son
I Know Murder, Condemnation
Burners, Boosters, Thieves, Ballers, Dead, Redemption
Academics, Dead Parents With Children
And I Wish They Would Feed Me Forgiveness
Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Soldier’s Dna
He Was Born Inside The Beast
My Experience Was Evaluated In Second Grade
When I Was 9 Years Old, In Cell, Motel, We Had Nowhere To Stay
At 29, I’ve Done Very Well, I Hit Cartwheel On My Farm
And I’m Shining As If They Had
Supposed Antisocial, Extroverted
And Excellent It Means The Extra Work.
And Absence What F *** You Listened And The
Pessimists Never Hit Me The Nerve
And That’s A Riff, I’m Going To Argue This Case
The Reason My Power Here On Earth
Salute The Truth, When The Prophet Says

I Got Loyalty, I Got Royalties In My Dna
That’s Why I Say That Hip Hop Has Done More Harm To Young African-americans Than Racism. In Recent Years
I Received Loyalty, I Got Rights Within My Dna
I Live A Better Life, ‘m Rollin’ Several Dice, F *** Your Life
I Have Loyalty, I Have Rights Within My Dna
I Live Better, F *** Your Life
5, 4, 3, 2, 1
This Is My Inheritance, Everything That I Am Inheriting
Money And Power, The Creation Of Marriages

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